talk down

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Englisch - Türkisch
konuşarak bastırmak
(deyim) talk someone down daha fazla konuşarak susturmak. talk down to someone küçümseyerek hitap etmek
baskın çıkmak
konuşarak kör iniş yaptırmak (uçak)
talk down to
aşağılayarak konuş
talk down to
{k} yüksekten bakan bir tavırla (biriyle) konuşmak; (birine karşı) fazlasıyla basit bir dil kullanmak
talk down to
küçümseyici bir biçimde konuşmak
Englisch - Englisch
To negotiate a lower price

If he offers a very high price, see if you can talk him down before you agree to anything.

To speak condescendingly or as though the listener is inferior

She didn't like how he talked down to her as though she didn't understand.

If someone talks down a particular thing, they make it less interesting, valuable, or likely than it originally seemed. They even blame the government for talking down the nation's fourth biggest industry Businessmen are tired of politicians talking the economy down. talk up
speak in a condescending manner, as if to a child; "He talks down to her"
belittle through talk speak in a condescending manner, as if to a child; "He talks down to her
belittle through talk
To talk down someone who is flying an aircraft in an emergency means to give them instructions so that they can land safely. The pilot began to talk him down by giving instructions over the radio
disapproval talk down to
If you say that someone talks down to you, you disapprove of the way they talk to you, treating you as if you are not very intelligent or not very important. She was a gifted teacher who never talked down to her students. = patronize
talk down


    talk Down

    Türkische aussprache

    tôk daun


    /ˈtôk ˈdoun/ /ˈtɔːk ˈdaʊn/


    [ 'tok ] (verb.) 13th century. Middle English; akin to Old English talu tale.