tai chi

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A soft form of martial art developed in China
Tai Chi is a type of Chinese physical exercise in which you make slow, controlled movements
usually slow moving, strengthening exercises that improve TCM treatment by increasing circulation of chi
a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and health
Slow meditative movements to relieve stress and improve posture
A martial art that emphasizes gentle movements Highly effective for stress and pain relief
a Chinese soft martial art
Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts exercise The gentle movements and postures are designed to achieve a harmonious flow of energy (chi) in the body The movements are coordinated with breathing patterns and performed slowly so that the practitioner can focus on changes in balance, flexibility, and muscle tension This can improve balance, stability, flexibility, and skill and promote a sense of relaxation, wellbeing and improved health
Also Known as TAI CHI CH’UAN, and is part of the Tai Chi Ch’uan System, which, originally, was a formidable martial art operating on several levels of awareness It embodies Taoist Philosophy, and accordingly is extremely beneficial to good health Tai Chi is a comprehensive series of gentle physical movements, and breathing techniques, with mental and spiritual intent, which allows you to experience a meditative state It is calming and rejuvenating, and assists the body and mind to maintain balance, and exercises the body, mind and spirit, together with the internal organs It includes both the inner and outer expressions of the body and mind Here we are able to balance the Yin and Yang life force energy of Chi In this way this system develops the ability to balance the “yielding and attacking” aspects in martial art combat It has also been such a major influence in all the martial arts we see today SEE CHI KUNG
Grand Terminus or Supreme Ultimate Fist
a set of smooth, flowing exercises used to improve or maintain health, create a sense of relaxation and keep qi flowing
(tai chi chuan, Tai Ji, tai ji chuan, Tai Ji Juan, tai ji quan, Taiqi): Variation of self-healing Tai chi is an ancient, yoga-like Chinese system of ballet-like exercises designed for health, self-defense, and spiritual development Practicing tai chi supposedly facilitates the flow of chi ("life energy") through the body by dissolving blockages both within the body and between the body and the environment Traditional tai chi prescribes about 108 to 128 postures, including repetitions The difficulty lies in concatenating the postures into circular movements Quan means "boxing "
Ancient yoga-like system originating of exercises in China designed for health, self-defense, and spiritual development that facilitates the flow of chi ("life energy") through the body
The workings of the Yin and the Yang Which is represented as a circle divided between a dark and a light half, the Taiji symbol represents two mutually complementary forces in nature: Yin, the force characterized as dark, cold, stillness, passiveness and potential; and Yang, the force characterized as light, warmth, action, aggressiveness and expression
A Chinese Taoist martial art discipline of meditation in movement using slow, controlled deep breathing techniques together with slow graceful physical movements
A Chinese martial art form that combines meditation and slow movement Promoted flexibility
This Chinese Taoist martial art form combines mental concentration, coordinated breathing and slow, graceful body movements to increase well-being, lessen stress, and strengthen the body
tai chi chuan
Alternative name for tai chi
tai chi chuans
plural form of tai chi chuan
Tai Chi Chuan
Chinese taijiquan or t'ai-chi-ch'üan Ancient Chinese form of exercise or of attack and defense. As exercise, it is designed to provide relaxation in the process of body conditioning, which it accomplishes partly by harmonizing the principles of yin-yang. It employs flowing, deliberate movements with carefully prescribed stances and positions. As a mode of attack and defense, it resembles kung fu and is properly considered a martial art. Dating to the 3rd century AD, Tai Chi Chuan consists of two major schools, the Wu and the Yang. Depending on the school, the number of exercises varies from 24 to more than 100
tai chis
plural form of tai chi
Alternative spelling of tai chi
Alternative spelling of tai chi
tai chi


    Tai chi

    Türkische aussprache

    tay kay


    taiji, taijiquan


    /ˈtī ˈkī/ /ˈtaɪ ˈkaɪ/


    [ 'tI ] (noun.) 1693. From Chinese Mandarin trad. 太極, simpl. 太极 (pinyin: tàijí)

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