tüm hisselerini ele geçirmek

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Türkisch - Englisch
buy out
to purchase the entire stock or extent of something
to purchase the ownership of a company
buy the ownership or a decisive share of something

The company was bought out by another large company in the textile industry.

pay in return for forfeiting rights, buy the legal rights
If you buy someone out, you buy their share of something such as a company or piece of property that you previously owned together. The bank had to pay to buy out most of the 200 former partners He bought his brother out for $17 million. see also buyout
The purchase of an insurance policy for a pension scheme member in lieu of benefits from the scheme following the termination of pensionable service
Make full payment on an installment contract before the end of the contract period
To subcontract for a service that is closely related to the business of the organization Also called farm out Work that is bought out or farmed out is sometimes called outwork or referred to as being out of house
take over ownership of; of corporations and companies
tüm hisselerini ele geçirmek