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Englisch - Englisch
A badly-thrown pass
a mixture of solid and liquid food scraps fed to pigs etc; especially kitchen waste for this purpose
a large quantity of liquid drunk at one swallow

He took a swill of his drink and tried to think of words.

Inexpensive beer
to eat or drink greedily or to excess
anything disgusting or worthless

This new tv show is a worthless load of swill.

to wash something by flooding with water
any disgusting or distasteful liquid

I cannot believe anyone could drink this swill.

{v} to drink luxuriously, drench, inebriate
{n} a luxurious draft, a wash for hogs
feed pigs
{f} rinse by flooding with liquid, drench; drink by taking large gulps; move liquid around; feed pigs liquid slop
If a liquid swills around, or if you swill it around, it moves around the area that it is contained in. Gallons of sea water had rushed into the cabin and were now swilling about in the bilges She swilled the whisky around in her glass
a bad throw
The wash, or mixture of liquid substances, given to swine; hogwash; called also swillings
To drink greedily or swinishly; to drink to excess
{i} dirty liquid, slop; garbage, trash, refuse; liquid mixture of food scraps used as pig feed; gulp, mouthful of liquid; unappetizing food or drink; nonsense, drivel, meaningless talk or writing (Slang)
Budweiser, Utica club, Piels or other cheap beer
To drink in great draughts; to swallow greedily
Swill is a liquid mixture containing waste food that is given to pigs to eat
To wash; to drench
If you swill an alcoholic drink, you drink a lot of it. A crowd of men were standing around swilling beer
a basket made of woven oak bark, used for carrying charcoal
drink large quantities of (liquid, especially alcoholic drink)
wet feed (especially for pigs) consisting of mostly kitchen waste mixed with water or skimmed or sour milk
Large draughts of liquor; drink taken in excessive quantities
To inebriate; to fill with drink
To drink beer quickly at the Tradies after a really bad game See also: hammer (def 2)
{n} a luxurious draft, a wash for hogs
One who swills
A person who swills something
{i} one who drinks in large gulps, one who drinks excessively
present participle of swill