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Englisch - Türkisch
metal talas
(isim) talaş

Biraz talaş satın almak zorundayım. - I have to buy some swarfs.

Englisch - Englisch
the waste chips or shavings from metalworking or a saw cutting wood
the grit worn away by use of a grindstone or whetstone, being particles of the material being cut and of the cutting stone itself
The metallic dust that accumulates after sharpening or grinding metal
Fine metallic filings or shavings removed by a cutting tool
fine particles of metal, graphite and carbide that result from grinding operations
the grit worn away by use of a grindstone
Eroded particles or residue resulting from EDMing TAP BUSTER Same as DISINTEGRATOR
the cuttings, and grinding fines that result from metal working operations
The grit worn away from grindstones in grinding cutlery wet
the waste chips or shavings from metalworking
Refers to the chips produced
To grow languid; to faint
The particles of metal arising from machining or grinding operations, much of it finds its way to the steel maker for remelting
Staple product of engineering
money due to a castle guard at the end of his service



    [ 'sworf ] (noun.) 1587. 1565, from Middle English *swerf, from Old English geswearf, gesweorf; akin to Old English sweorfan (modern English swerve),“” in Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, Merriam-Webster Online. from Proto-Germanic.

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