suspended prison sentence

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suspended sentence
şartlı tahliye
Englisch - Englisch
probation, imprisoning the accused only if he performs a similar act again
suspended sentence
If a criminal is given a suspended sentence, they are given a prison sentence which they have to serve if they commit another crime within a specified period of time. John was given a four-month suspended sentence. a punishment given by a court in which a criminal is told they will be sent to prison if they do anything else illegal within the time mentioned
suspended sentence
on probation
suspended prison sentence


    suspended pris·on sen·tence

    Türkische aussprache

    sıspendıd prîzın sentıns


    /səˈspendəd ˈprəzən ˈsentəns/ /səˈspɛndəd ˈprɪzən ˈsɛntəns/

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