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An inland county of England bordered by London, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Kent, Sussex and Berkshire
A city in British Colombia, Canada near Vancouver
A light carriage seating two or four, drawn by horse
a county in southeast England which is one of the Home Counties. Many of the people who live there travel to London every day to work, and most people think of Surrey as a wealthy, mainly middle-class area. a light carriage with two seats, which was pulled by a horse and was used in the past (Surrey, English county where it was first made). Administrative county (pop., 2001: 1,059,015) and historic county, southern England. Surrey is located southwest of London. Sheep raising was an important medieval activity for the county, and by the 16th century a cloth trade was also growing. Its forested hills were a source of timber for charcoal, construction, and shipbuilding. Transport of these products, originally dependent on rivers, was facilitated in 1801 when the Surrey Iron Railway was established as the first public railway. During the 19th century the world's densest network of suburban railways developed in northern Surrey. Suburban growth continued after World War II, proceeding under planning restraints. The county seat is Guildford
a light four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; has two or four seats
{i} four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage
A four-wheeled pleasure carriage, (commonly two-seated) somewhat like a phaeton, but having a straight bottom
a county in southeastern England on the Thames
a light four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; has two or four seats a county in southeastern England on the Thames
Henry Howard earl of Surrey
born 1517, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire, Eng.? died Jan. 13, 1547, London English poet. Because of his aristocratic birth and connections, Surrey was involved in the jockeying for place that accompanied Henry VIII's policies. After returning to England in 1546 from a campaign abroad, he was accused of treason by his rivals. After his sister admitted he was still a Roman Catholic, he was executed at age
Henry Howard earl of Surrey
Most of his poetry was published 10 years later. With Thomas Wyat, he introduced into England the styles and metres of the Italian humanist poets, laying the foundation of a great age in English poetry. He translated two books of Virgil's Aeneid, marking the first use in English of blank verse and was the first to develop the sonnet form used by William Shakespeare
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    /ˈsərē/ /ˈsɜriː/


    [ 's&r-E, 's&-rE ] (noun.) circa 1891. Surrey, England.

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