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Alt tür, alt tıp
alt tür
server subtype
(Bilgisayar) sunucu alt türü
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A group of specific things within a larger, more general group
The data type represented by a subclass
To categorise as a subtype
In a generalization relationship the specialization of another type, the supertype See: generalization Contrast: supertype
specifies the length, date, or number type of a column or field in your database
The data type that inherits the properties in an inheritance relationship between named row data types
Some GRADE diagrams have subtypes; for more information about this, see Diagram type In the context of GRADE DD diagrams, a subtype refers to a nested datatype (nesting means to incorporate one or more structures into another structure) For example, in a record datatype, one of the fields in the record can be further refined by a subrecord, i e , a record within a record
A type together with a constraint which possibly restricts the allowed range of values Strictly speaking, all types in Ada are actually subtypes of anonymous unconstrained types
A subtype of a type characterizes a subset of the values of the type The subset is determined by a constraint on the type Each value in the set of values of a subtype belongs to the subtype and satisfies the constraint determining the subtype
If type X extends or implements type Y, then X is a subtype of Y See also supertype
A subtype is a type together with a constraint,which constrains the values of the subtype to satisfy a certaincondition The values of a subtype are a subset of the values of its type
A type whose interface supports all the operations supported by another type, its supertype In interface inheritance, the subtype is said to inherit its interface from its supertype(s) Synonyms: derived type, descendant type
A subgrouping of the entities in an entity type that is meaningful to the organization and that shares common attributes or relationships distinct from other subgroupings (10) See also Supertype
also called a clade With respect to HIV isolates, a classification scheme based on genetic differences
a phylogenetically distinct strain of a microorganism There are at least 11 subtypes of HIV-1 classified into 2 groups: group M (containing subtypes A through J) and group O Subtype B is predominant in the U S There are 5 known subtypes of HIV-2 (A-E) See also strain
a reserved word, an Ada type together with a constraint, which constrains the values of the subtype Subtype Name (Subtype Mark) - an identifier naming a type or subtype in its declaration 3 1, 4 1, 4 4, A 1
{i} secondary type, subordinate type



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    /ˈsəbˌtīp/ /ˈsʌbˌtaɪp/


    (prefix.) Middle English, from Latin, under, below, secretly, from below, up, near, from sub under, close to; more at UP.

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