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alt alan
alt cisim
Englisch - Englisch
A smaller, more specialized area of study or occupation within a larger one
A subring of a field, containing the multiplicative identity and closed under inversion
A separate portion of data elements in a field in a bibliographic record The order of the subfields is determined by the field in which they are assigned
a component part of a field in a MARC record that is designated by a delimiter and a subfield code (see also tag, indicators)
{i} division within a field of study, subdiscipline; (Math) field in mathematics which is a subset of another field
The smallest logical unit of information in a variable field Subfield codes (letters or numbers) identify subfields and are preceded by subfield delimiters (‡) Subfield ‡a is implicit at the beginning of each field, but does not appear
A subdivision of a variable field containing data logically identifiable as a discrete unit of that field A typical publication field, for example, has three subfields: place, publisher, and date Except for subfield "a" at the beginning of a field, each subfield is proceeded by a delimiter ( ‡ ) and a subfield code
One of the data elements contained in a field A subfield is identified by a subfield delimiter
A part of a datum for which the representation is described by a simple (not compound) representation code For example, the subfields of a datum having representation code OBNAME are origin (ORIGIN), copy (UVARI), and identifier (IDENT)
A field in a Multiple
Each type of data within a field