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An instance or the act of striking out

The pitcher recorded seven strikeouts in the game.

An instance or the act of yielding nothing

We've had one strikeout after the other on the Jones account.

<STRIKE></STRIKE> (not widely implemented yet)
in baseball, an occasion when the batter is not allowed to try to hit the ball any more, because he has three strikes
When a batter accumulates three strikes in an at-bat A batter's swing and miss for a third strike is automatically an out unless the catcher does not catch the pitch In that case, the batter/runner may try to run safely to first base, unless first base is occupied The batter/runner must be forced at first base or tagged for the out to be recorded
an out resulting from the batter getting three strikes
{i} out that is called after a batter has made three strikes (Baseball); strikethrough, method of highlighting text by placing a line through the characters (Computers, Printing)
An out made by a batter who has been charged with three strikes
plural of strikeout