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Englisch - Türkisch
hedefe ulaşmak için en uygun imkânları seçme işlemine ait
(Bilgisayar) rastgele
stochastic dependence
rasgele bağımlılık
stochastic dependence
olasılıksal bağımlılık
stochastic game
olasılıksal oyun
stochastic game
(Bilgisayar) olasılıklı oyun
stochastic model
(Bilgisayar) stokastik model
stochastic model
olasılıksal model
stochastic processes
stokastik işlemler
stochastic programming
stokastik programlama
stochastic system
rasgele dizge
stochastic system
olasılıksal dizge
stochastic systems
stokastik sistemler
stochastic variable
(Matematik) seçkisiz değişken
stochastic variable
(Matematik) stokastik değişken
stochastic frontier approach
(Ekonomi) Ekonometrik yaklaşım
stochastic frontier approach
(Ekonomi) SFA (Stochastic Frontier Approach) : Ekonometrik yaklaşım olarak da bilinen SFA, maliyet, kar ve üretim gibi açıklanan değişkenlerle; girdi, çıktı ve çevresel faktörler gibi açıklayıcı değişkenler arasında işlevsel bir ilişki kurar ve bir de hata payı için modelde yer ayırır. Bu teknikte, yukarıda sözü edilen rassal hata ve etkinsiz gözlemin birbirlerinden ayrılması gerekmektedir. Herhangi bir gözlemin en iyi durumdan sapmasının ne kadarının rassal hata, ne kadarının da etkinsiz gözlem olduğu anlaşılmadan modelin sonuçlarının güvenilir olmayacağı açıktır. Bu iki unsur, genellikle farklı dağılımlara sahip oldukları varsayılarak ayrılırlar. Rassal hatanın standart normal, etkinsiz gözlemlerin ise asimetrik dağıldığı varsayılır. (Berger, Humphrey 1997)
stochastic variable
stokastik değişken, seçkisiz değişken
stochastic analysis
stokastik analiz
stochastic approach
tahmini yaklaşım
stochastic dependence
olasiliksal (rasgele) ba¤imlilik
stochastic effect
(Nükleer Bilimler) eşik dozsuz etki
stochastic effect
(Tıp) stokastik etki
stochastic effects of radiation
(Nükleer Bilimler) radyasyonun eşiksiz etkileri
stochastic game
olasiliksal oyun
stochastic integrals
stokastik integraller
stochastic method
(Çevre) stokastik yöntem
stochastic opproximation
stokastik yaklaştırma
stochastic prediction
(Askeri) stokastik tahmin
stochastic quantity
olası büyüklük
stochastic screening
(Matbaacılık, Basımcılık) stokastik tramlama
stochastic system
olasiliksal dizge
stochastic theories
(Ticaret) stokastik teoriler
Englisch - Englisch
A stochastic method observes random occurrences (samples) generated by some probability distribution function In practice, digital computers usually do not model ideal stochastic processes, since most random-number generators actually generate a fixed sequence of values, which may even repeat at some point (Hence, they are dubbed pseudo-random number generators ) Nevertheless, they do a sufficient job for most Monte Carlo simulation purposes; Monte Carlo is another term for stochastic modeling (Compare to deterministic )
Involving or showing random behavior
Applied to processes that have random characteristics Strain Small changes in length and volume associated with deformation of the Earth by tectonic stresses or by the passage of seismic waves
Random or probabilistic but with some direction For example the arrival of people at a post office might be random but average properties (such as the queue length) can be predicted
model that contains a random component
Random The term is used to describe natural events with a substantial random component to them, such as rainfall, runoff, and storms (Source: Mintzer, 1992)
Having random variation in statistics
Including probability or chance
being or having a random variable; "a stochastic variable"; "stochastic processes"
A process that has some element of probability in its structure process
{s} of or pertaining to a random variable (Statistics)
Applied to processes that have random characteristics
This is the adjective applied to any phenomenon obeying the laws of probability
Conjectural; able to conjecture
Containing some randomness, e g "stochastic process "
An alternative to traditional halftone dots, this random placement dot strategy is used to render enlarged images on large format printing devices Stochastic dots are uniformly sized "microdots"" and their placement and frequency vary with the tone of the image
Random or unpredictable effects, often associated with probabilistic or statistical treatments
Involving or containing a random variable or variables; involving chance or probability
Based on the assumption that the actions of a chemical substance results from probabilistic events
referring to patterns or processes resulting from random factors
of, or pertaining to, randomness
Governed by the laws of probability
Goal-seeking, though not necessarily in a purposive way Any syste3m which modifies itself by means of feedback to its environment in order to attai certai "goals" For a plant, "goals" might be light, water, nutriments, reproduction - the conditions of survival
Stochastic studies are based on the premise that as prices rise, closing prices tend to be near the high value Conversely, as prices fall, closing prices are near the low for the period Stochastic studies are made of two lines, %D and %K, that move between a scale of 0 and 100 The %D line is the moving average over a specified period of time of the %K line The %K line measures where the closing price is compared to the price range for a given number of periods
A random variable, or referring to patterns resulting from random effects
Also known as a momentum price velocity indicator Stochastic can be computed for a given time period, e g 10 days or even 52 weeks Computed by dividing the difference between the day's closing price and the n-period historical low by the range between the n-period historical high and low, multiplied by 100 Some economists have found that anomalous returns are associated with momentum trades
A model or equation that incorporates a random variable
being or having a random variable; "a stochastic variable"; "stochastic processes
involving a random variable; involving chance or probability
Random, randomly-determined
stochastic differential equation
a type of differential equation in which one or more of the terms is a stochastic process resulting in a solution which is itself a stochastic process
stochastic differential equations
plural form of stochastic differential equation
stochastic matrix
A matrix having the property that the entries in each column are non-negative, real and sum to 1
stochastic process
a function of random variables
stochastic process
series of random events in which it is possible to evaluate the probability of their results
stochastic process
In probability theory, a family of random variables indexed to some other set and having the property that for each finite subset of the index set, the collection of random variables indexed to it has a joint probability distribution. It is one of the most widely studied subjects in probability. Examples include Markov processes (in which the present value of the variable depends only upon the immediate past and not upon the whole sequence of past events), such as stock-market fluctuations, and time series (in which temperature or rainfall measurements, for example, are taken at the same time each day over several days)
stochastic process
a statistical process involving a number of random variables depending on a variable parameter (which is usually time)
stationary stochastic process
a stochastic process in which the distribution of the random variables is the same for any value of the variable parameter
right stochastic matrix
a square matrix whose rows consist of nonnegative real numbers, with each row summing to 1. Used to describe the transitions of a Markov chain; its element in the i'th row and j'th column describes the probability of moving from state i to state j in one time step
In a stochastic manner; by means of a process involving a randomly determined sequence of events
by stochastic means; "we estimated the answer stochastically
by stochastic means; "we estimated the answer stochastically"





    [ st&-'kas-tik, stO- ] (adjective.) 1923. Greek stochastikos skillful in aiming, from stochazesthai to aim at, guess at, from stochos target, aim, guess; more at STING.

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