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Englisch - Türkisch
dikey ve sabit boru
dikme boru
yangın musluğu
denge borusu
overflow standpipe
taşma borusu
Englisch - Englisch
The water supply of a building for the use of firefighters
A vertical pipe into which water is pumped so that a desired pressure is available at the bottom
A supply pipe of sufficient elevation to enable the water to flow into the boiler, notwithstanding the pressure of the steam
A standpipe is a vertical pipe that is connected to a water supply and stands in a street or other public place. a pipe that provides water in a public place in the street
{i} vertical water pipe
a vertical pipe
A vertical pipe, open at the top, between a hydrant and a reservoir, to equalize the flow of water; also, a large vertical pipe, near a pumping engine, into which water is forced up, so as to give it sufficient head to rise to the required level at a distance
plural of standpipe