stand on one's head

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Englisch - Türkisch
Kafasının üstünde durmak
(Konuşma Dili) mümkün olan her şeyi yapmak
(Konuşma Dili) elinden gelen her şeyi yapmak
on one's head
stand on your head
kafanın üzerinde durmak
Englisch - Englisch
1. (Lit.) Stand or balance vertically with one's head and hands—rather than one's feet.2. (Fig.) Attempt to impress someone by hard work or difficult feats
on one's head
Assumed or borne, as a responsibility or something blameworthy

CLEOPATRA (vehemently): He has shed the blood of my servant Ftatateeta. On your head be it as upon his, Caesar, if you hold him free of it.

on one's head
Assigned by government authorities as a bounty or penalty

There was a Rs 2.5 million reward on his head.

stand on one's head

    Türkische aussprache

    ständ ôn wʌnz hed


    /ˈstand ˈôn ˈwənz ˈhed/ /ˈstænd ˈɔːn ˈwʌnz ˈhɛd/


    [ 'stand ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English standan; akin to Old High German stantan, stAn to stand, Latin stare, Greek histanai to cause to stand, set, histasthai to stand, be standing.

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