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Englisch - Türkisch
{f} dırdır etmek
{f} cıyakla
(tavuk/ördek/vb.) ciyaklamak
{i} cıyaklama
{f} ciyaklamak
{f} viyaklamak
{i} ciyaklama
{f} şikâyet etmek
{i} k.dili. şikâyet
(Askeri) Dost Tanıtma veya Düşman ana kontrolunu normal pozisyona "mod ve kod belirtildiği şekilde değiştir anlamında kod
acı ve ince ses
{i} şikâyet
{f} cıyaklamak, cıyak cıyak bağırmak
{i} viyaklama
{f} k.dili. şikâyet etmek, bağırmak
ince ses
squawk flash
(Askeri) Dost Tanıtma veya Düşman Tanıtma I/P anahtarını harekete geçir anlamında kod
squawk low
(Askeri) Dost veya Düşman Tanıtma ana kontrolunu "düşük" pozisyona değiştir anlamında kod
squawk mayday
(Askeri) Dost veya Düşman Tanıtma ana kontrolunu "Acil veya emercensi pozisyona değiştir anlamında kod
squawk mike
(Askeri) Dost veya Düşman Tanıtma MIC anahtarını ve ana vericiyi belirtildiği şekilde harekete geçir anlamında kod
squawk standby
(Askeri) Dost veya Düşman tanıtma ana kontrolunu "hazır" durumadeğiştir anlamında kod
(Askeri) Belirtilen (kod) veya (mod) da ki Dost veya Düşman Tanıtmasını gösteren kod
viyak viyak
stop squawk
(Askeri) Düşman veya dost tanıtma ana kontrolünü kapatın anlamında kod
to squawk
Englisch - Englisch
A 4-digit transponder code used by aircraft for identification or transmission of emergency signals
An issue or complaint related to aircraft maintenance
To speak out; to protest
To make a squawking noise; to yell, scream, or call out shrilly
To report an infraction; to rat on or tattle; to disclose a secret
A shrill noise, especially made by a voice; a yell, scream, or call
To set or transmit a 4-digit transponder code. (Normally followed by the specific code in question.)
When a bird squawks, it makes a loud harsh noise. I threw pebbles at the hens, and that made them jump and squawk. Squawk is also a noun. A mallard suddenly took wing, rising steeply into the air with an angry squawk
To utter a shrill, abrupt scream; to squeak harshly
If a person squawks, they complain loudly, often in a high-pitched, harsh tone. Mr Arbor squawked that the deal was a double-cross
The American night heron
informal terms for objecting; "I have a gripe about the service here"
Sending a transponder identification ATC may instruct a pilot to enter a code into his transponder by saying "squawk 4532"
{f} utter a loud harsh cry, screech
Note made in an aircraft maintenance log, log book, or clipboard which identifies a fault, an inoperative instrument, or any observation unusual to the normal operation of that aircraft
the noise of squawking; "the squawk of car horns" utter a harsh abrupt scream
To transmit an assigned code via a transponder* (e g Delta 207 Heavy, Squawk 2044) The squawk is also the assigned code Below are some standard special squawks
See under Night
complain; "What was he hollering about?"
Activate specific modes/codes/functions on the aircraft transponder; e g , "Squawk three/alpha, two one zero five, low "
Act of squawking; a harsh squeak
utter a harsh abrupt scream
the noise of squawking; "the squawk of car horns"
{i} loud harsh cry
squawk box
The loudspeaker of an intercom or public-address system
squawk box
the loudspeaker on an inter-com or public address system
a loudspeaker used for frequencies intermediate between those of a woofer and a tweeter
past of squawk
{i} one who complains loudly; one who issues a loud cry or yell
a person who, or thing that squawks
present participle of squawk
third-person singular of squawk
plural of , squawk