spring fever

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Englisch - Türkisch
yerinde duramama
kıpır kıpır olma
bahar yorgunluğu

Bahar yorgunluğu bir hastalık değildir. - Spring fever is not a disease.

Englisch - Englisch
A feeling of invigoration and restlessness associated with the arrival of the warm weather and renewal of nature in the spring season

Was it a case of spring fever, or just a horse longing for its stable? Whatever the reason, one of the city's normally well-disciplined police horses bolted yesterday, injuring its rider and leading several patrol cars on a milelong chase through Lower Manhattan.

A feeling of laziness or listlessness associated with the arrival of the warm, comfortable weather of the spring season

Endymion and the Secretary, after sitting on a pier-end watching some barges, . . . were stricken with the very crisis of spring fever and lassitude. They considered the possibility of hiring one of the soldiers' two-tiered beds for the afternoon.

A feeling of languor or yearning brought on by the coming of spring. a sudden feeling of energy that you have in the spring
spring fever


    spring fe·ver

    Türkische aussprache

    spırîng fivır


    /spərˈəɴɢ ˈfēvər/ /spɜrˈɪŋ ˈfiːvɜr/

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