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Used primarily in the adult film industry, an actress or prostitute with a tiny frame, usually very thin and small-breasted
a type of lure consisting of wire, a rotating blade, a weighted body, and one or more hooks
a spin bowler
A conical cover at the center of some aircraft propellers
The coin thrower in a game of two-up
An input control for entering a number, with accompanying arrowed buttons that increase or decrease the value
Agent noun of spin; someone or something who spins
{n} a person that spins, a longlegged spider
{i} person or thing that spins; one who draws out and twists fiber into yarn or thread; rotating fishing lure; arrow that is spun around a dial (Games); fairing that fits over the propeller hub of a plane
A shot thrown with too much spin, or curl
medium pacer with a shorter than usual run-up
A bull or horse that bucks in close, tight circles Such animals are very difficult to ride
the part of the shaft that covers the center of the propeller and helps smooth the airflow over the engine
A rotating platform for running out wire from a coil or reel
fisherman's lure; revolves when drawn through the water board game equipment that consists of a dial and an arrow that is spun to determine the next move in the game someone who spins (who twists fibers into threads)
A cyclist who habitually pedals at a rapid cadence, as opposed to a "masher "
A stone that is released so that it rotates many times as it travels down the sheet
An extremely slow link The name comes from Mosaic's globe icon, which spins while the program tries to access a site If the site is particularly slow, the only sign you have that anything is actually happening is the spinning globe See also dirt road and JPIG
The spinner is the cone shaped object mounted to the engine prop shaft on the nose of the aircraft The spinner may be made from plastic or aluminum and functions primarily to improve looks and aerodynamics
A spinner is a person who makes thread by spinning
someone who spins (who twists fibers into threads)
Coin thrower in a game of two-up
fisherman's lure; revolves when drawn through the water
One who, or that which, spins one skilled in spinning; a spinning machine
A container with a faulty double seam, caused by the container having been revolved by the seaming rolls, due to improper adjustments
See: Value Selector, Scrollbar
A spider
A spinner is a cricketer who makes the ball spin when he or she bowls it so that it changes direction when it hits the ground or the bat
The first double that is played during a game that allows four ends to the skeleton The extra two ends are played off the exposed ends of the crosswise double Double three is the spinner in the photo at the top of this page
board game equipment that consists of a dial and an arrow that is spun to determine the next move in the game
Is another name for devices with wings that rotate very fast and rise into the sky Also an aerial effect the casing is similar to the devices with wings to rotate the flames shoot out of the side
A rock thrown with excessive spin
Anyone operating the spinning machinery, which was installed in long rows, each row having two "sides " Thus, a spinner responsible for "eight sides" was actually in charge of four long rows of machinery
A goatsucker; so called from the peculiar noise it makes when darting through the air
A type lure
A spinneret
The nose cone which covers the hub of the propeller
spinner dolphin
A species of small dolphin, Stenella longirostris
spinner dolphins
plural form of spinner dolphin
spinner dolphin
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) A long-beaked dolphin (Stenella longirostris) that is typically dark gray above and white below and that is noted for its habit of spinning in the air when breaching
finger spinner
A bowler who specializes in finger spin
leg spinner
a bowler who bowls leg spin
Alternative spelling of leg spinner
something that generates a continuous income
off spinner
a bowler who bowls off spin
a type of ball, bowled by a leg spin bowler, that spins forward and, when bouncing off the pitch, bounces higher than expected and slows down
wrist spinner
A bowler who specializes in wrist spin
salad spinner
salad dryer
money spinner
one who handles a lot of money
moneymaker: a project that generates a continuous flow of money
If you say that something is a money-spinner, you mean that it earns a lot of money for someone. The films have been fantastic money-spinners. = money-maker. a moneymaker
plural of spinner
water spinner
The water spider
web spinner
Any of various social insects of the order Embioptera, having two-winged males and wingless females, both of which produce silk from glands in the front legs
web spinner
any of a small order of slender typically tropical insects that nest in colonies in silken tunnels that they spin



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    /ˈspənər/ /ˈspɪnɜr/


    [ 'spi-n&r ] (noun.) 13th century. to spin + -er

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