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a textfile containing a relatively small amount of code, useless by itself, along with instructions for inserting that code into a larger codebase
a tiny piece or part

From the snippet I heard of their rehearsal, they sound pretty good.

{n} a small share or part, fragment, bit
A segment of a document Typically, a snippet is a set of contiguous text about the size of a paragraph and is about a single topic Non-text items could qualify as snippets too, such as a graph, picture, or diagram
A snippet of something is a small piece of it. snippets of popular classical music. a small piece of news, information, or conversation snippet of (SNIP)
a small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off)
{i} small cutting, little piece, scrap; young or mischievous person (Informal)
A code Snippet is an object which acts like a little library with PHP code in it Code Snippets can be used to store useful fragments of code that don't necessarily belong to styles: classes, utility functions, html templates, style sheets, etc Code Snippets include documentation
A small planted area, usually from one to five hundred square feet in area
A small part or piece
DNA snippet
A small portion of DNA associated with one or more genes or attributes
plural of snippet



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˈsnəpət/ /ˈsnɪpət/


    [ 'sni-p&t ] (noun.) 1664. Diminutive of snip (with suffix -et).


    ... A snippet will do. ...

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