site survey

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Englisch - Türkisch
(Askeri) keşif yapma
(Askeri) yerinde inceleme
(Askeri) mevki araştırması
(Mühendislik) Keşif, iş yapılmadan öce sahada yapılan keşif
on-site survey
Yerinde tetkik/araştırma, ilgili olan yerde yapılan tetkik/araştırma
Englisch - Englisch
A comprehensive facility study, typically performed by a radio frequency engineer, employed by a systems integrator The goal of the site survey is to create an accurate wireless system design/layout and budgetary quote
Before CDA can finalize a ContractAIRâ„¢ proposal, a site survey must be completed A Site Survey Form is used to gather needed information on plant layout, the station site, ect The time required to complete the survey can be greatly reduced if the customer begins to gather the information prior to CDA arriving onsite Click the Information button on the side of this page to request a survey form
The process of searching for and describing archaeological sites in a given area
In order to verify that an event site meets the architectural & electrical requirements for a particular set, it may be necessary to inspect that location
A detailed inventory and evaluation of the characteristics of a location and its occupants that would be important to public safety personnel responding to an emergency, including but not limited to maps, floor plans, diagrams, photographs, personnel lists, student rosters, utility information, and construction information
site survey


    site sur·vey

    Türkische aussprache

    sayt sırvey


    /ˈsīt sərˈvā/ /ˈsaɪt sɜrˈveɪ/