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Englisch - Englisch
Having a smooth, soft, or light texture, like that of silk
Made of silk
{a} made of or dressed in silk, soft
having a smooth, gleaming surface; "glossy auburn hair"; "satiny gardenia petals"; "sleek black fur"; "silken eyelashes"; "silky skin"; "a silklike fabric"; "slick seals and otters"
Silken is used to describe things that are very pleasantly smooth and soft. her long silken hair
{s} made of silk; resembling silk; smooth, lustrous; wearing silk; ingratiating; luxurious
To render silken or silklike
A silken garment, fabric, or rope is made of silk or a material that looks like silk. silken cushions
Soft; delicate; tender; smooth; as, silken language
Of or pertaining to silk; made of, or resembling, silk; as, silken cloth; a silken veil
Dressed in silk
silken ease
comfortable lifestyle, life of luxury
silken voice
soft voice, pleasant voice