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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} yem
{i} silodaki yeşillik
green silage
yeşil silaj
non-silage alpine milk
olmayan silaj dağ süt
Englisch - Englisch
Fermented green forage fodder stored in a silo
Click Grass that has been chopped up into 30 - 40cm lengths, piled up in a heap with a plastic sheet over the top to exclude all the air, and left to ferment for about 4 months The grass is really just pickled in its own juices and because of the acidity does not decompose This is the main feed for all the animals at Adoptafarm
Fodder (livestock feed) prepared by storing and fermenting green forage plants in a silo
Silage is food for cattle that is made by cutting a crop such as grass or corn when it is green and then keeping it covered. grass or other plants cut and stored so that they can be used as winter food for cattle (ensilage, from ensiler , from silo, from ; SILO). or ensilage Forage plants such as corn, legumes, and grasses that have been harvested at early maturity, finely chopped, packed tightly to exclude air, and stored in tower silos, pits, or trenches. Properly stored silage ferments slightly and keeps for several months. It is used as animal feed
- Partially fermented conserved fodder
fodder harvested while green and kept succulent by partial fermentation as in a silo
Short for Ensilage
{i} green fodder that is stored in a silo and allowed to ferment
fodder preserved through controlled fermentation in a silo, an airtight structure that presses green crops It is used as a winter feed for livestock
Fermented plant material with increased palatability and nutritional value for animals, which can be stored for extended periods (See 986)





    () Alteration (probably by influence of silo) of ensilage (1881), itself from French ensilage, from ensiler (“put in a silo”), from Spanish ensilar.