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Meksika'da çok sayıda gecekondu mahalleleri var. - There are many shantytowns in Mexico.

Benim evim bir gecekondu. - My house is a shanty.

{i} heyamola
gemici şarkısı
{i} baraka
gecekondu mahallesi
shanty town
Gecekondu mahallesi, kenar mahalle
heyamola şarkısı
gemici şarkısı
gemi şarkıcısı
(isim) gemi şarkıcısı
Englisch - Englisch
A sailor's work song
Pejorative term used on early (mid 1800's), poor, Irish immigrants to USA

That neighborhood is full of shanty Irishmen.

An old run-down house or shack
An unlicensed pub
A shanty is a small rough hut which poor people live in, built from tin, cardboard, or other materials that are not very strong
A sailors work song
the first log shack built by settlers as soon as they arrived
Jaunty; showy
A small, mean dwelling; a rough, slight building for temporary use; a hut
Also called "sea shanty" A sailors' work song with solo verses and chorus matching certain rhythmical movements
A shanty is a song which sailors used to sing while they were doing work on a ship
a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors
Pejorative term used on early (mid 1800s), poor, Irish immigrants to USA
To inhabit a shanty
A ramshackle cabin or shack; also, a song sung by sailors
small crude shelter used as a dwelling
{i} shack, crude hut; sailor's song, chantey
a houseboat
shanty town
a suburb consisting of mean, roughly-constructed dwellings inhabited by poor people
shanty towns
plural form of shanty town
shanty town
A shanty town is a collection of rough huts which poor people live in, usually in or near a large city
sea shanty
A work song that sailors sang in rhythm to their movement
A song a sailor sings, especially in rhythm to his work
A sailor's song
a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors
{i} shanty, rhythmic song sung by sailors
plural of shanty