severance pay

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Englisch - Türkisch
kıdem tazminatı

Sana iki hafta kıdem tazminatı verilecek. - You'll be given two weeks severance pay.

Ne kadar kıdem tazminatı aldın? - How much severance pay did you get?

işten ayrılana ödenen tazminat
işten çıkarma tazminatı

Tom'a ne kadar işten çıkarma tazminatı ödemek zorunda kalacağız? - How much severance pay will we have to pay Tom?

Englisch - Englisch
Money paid as compensation to someone whose employment is ended

The only case for severance pay on top is that fortunes in public life are so uncertain that some MPs might be discouraged from seeking office if there weren’t any cushion.

money paid for compensation, money paid for damage that was caused
A sum of money usually based on length of employment for which an employee is eligible upon termination
provident fund for severance pay
pension fund that is designated towards compensatory payment for workers who get fired
severance pay