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Englisch - Türkisch
ikinci sınıf
(Spor) Yedek oyuncu
play second string to
{k} (birinin) gölgesinde kalmak
second string
(Bilgisayar) ikinci dize
dili ikinci sınıf
Englisch - Englisch
substitute or replacement
belonging to the second string of a team
being a replacement or substitute for a regular member of a team
not regularly part of a team, group etc, but sometimes taking someone else's place in it
In sports, a unit of players that plays behind the first string
Not as good; of a lower quality or condition

I got a new pair of shoes, so I think I'll use the old, second string pair in my garden.

(Spor) The group of players that substitute for the starting players or from which substitute players are drawn on a sports team
If you describe a person or thing as someone's second string, you mean that they are only used if another person or thing is not available. a second string team
{s} being a substitute or replacement for a regular player (as on a team in sport games); available as a second choice
second string players
{i} players or team who are a substitute or replacement for a regular starting player during a game but who do not play at the beginning of a game
second string to one's bow
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    [ "se-k&n(d)-'stri[ng], "se- ] (adjective.) 1922. from the reserve bowstring carried by an archer in case the first breaks.

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