sea dog

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Englisch - Türkisch
deniz kurdu
{i} eski gemici
{i} fok
{i} kedibalığı
{i} ayıbalığı
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A sea dog is a sailor is who has spent many years at sea. someone with a lot of experience of ships and sailing
The common seal
{i} any of the common type of seals; person who has been a sailor for a long time, veteran seaman
An old sailor; a salt
The dogfish
sea dogs
plural form of sea dog
A sailor accustomed to the sea

The old seadog knew the storm was coming long before the rest of the crew were aware of it.

A white-topped wave in an estuary
An omen of bad luck
A seal (marine mammal), or a similar design in heraldry
{n} a kind of fierce sea-animal, a shark
{i} fogbow, dim arc of light seen in fog across the sun
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deniz kurdu experienced sailor, sea dog
an old salt
sea dog