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A harsh high-pitched sound as of a hawk
loose stony debris on a slope
To traverse scree
To make a high-pitched sound like that of a hawk
to flatten or level concrete, while still wet, and clear protruding stones and gravel from the surface
a slope of such material at the base of a cliff, etc
An area of loose, unstable rocks, often under a cliff, from which weathering has detached them
A sloping mass of smallish rock fragments that have detached from the cliff you are about to climb and now lay strewn around the base Don't think too long or too hard about this Smaller than talus, it somewhat complicates your approach to the route
{i} small loose rocks
A pebble; a stone; also, a heap of stones or rocky débris
small rocks that slide under the climber's feet
Broken fragments of rock that have been shattered from mountains by winter frosts
Slope of unstable, rocky fragments, retaining little moisture, at the bottom of a cliff In gardens, a deep layer of stone chippings with a small proportion of loam, providing very sharp drainage for alpines and rock plants
- Angular rock debris, often mobile, formed from weathering of parent material, mainly by frost action, and often located below the parent outcrop
An accumulation of weathered rock fragments at the base of a steep rock slope or cliff
Scree is a mass of loose stones on the side of a mountain. Occasionally scree fell in a shower of dust and noise. an area of loose soil and broken rocks on the side of a mountain (skritha )
The sort of stuff found on a talus slope loose rocks, scrabbly, hard to get good footing on
Any slope covered with loose rock fragments
pile of rubble and sediment that collects at the foot of a mountain range or cliff The rock fragments that form scree are usually broken off by the action of frost (freeze-thaw weathering)
a sloping mass of loose rocks at the base of a cliff
loose small rocks and coarse sand that form fans below cliffs and gullies larger rock scree is usually easier to ascend smaller rock scree is often easier and fun to descend