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The action or result of scoring off someone (a rebuttal, a point won)

– the Minister should come in here and use the occasion of the making of his statement on such an important matter as the Estimate for his Department as a political score-off on his opponents.

go off at score
Of a horse, to break suddenly into a gallop; of a person, suddenly to say or do something impetuous
score off
To score from
score off
To defeat (especially in an argument), get the better of, achieve a success over, gain an advantage or win points over, make a point to the detriment or at the expense of, make appear foolish. Sometimes with particle on (someone)
score off
To delete or remove (especially from a list); to score out, strike out or strike off, cross out or cross off; to draw a line through
make a score off one's own bat
attain results without help from others