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Tom delikleri talaşla doldurdu. - Tom filled the holes with sawdust.

Neden zeminde talaş var? - Why is there sawdust on the floor?

{i} testere talaşı
{i} bıçkı tozu
testere talaş
testere tozu
Englisch - Englisch
Collective name for the fine particles (dust) of wood created by sawing
{n} dust arising from sawing wood
made by the cutting of a saw
Sawdust is dust and very small pieces of wood which are produced when you saw wood. a layer of sawdust. very small pieces of wood that are left when you have been cutting wood
{i} fine particles of wood produced while sawing
Dust or small fragments of wood or of stone, etc
fine particles of wood made by sawing wood
sawdust doll
a doll that is stuffed with sawdust
sawdust saloon
a saloon whose floor is covered with sawdust
sea sawdust
Marine blue-green algae (cyanobacteria, actually brown coloured) of the family Trichodesmium

1770: The seamen who are now convinc'd that it was not as they had thought the spawn of fish began to call it Sea sawdust, a name certainly not ill adapted to its appearance. — The Endeavour Journal of Sir Joseph Banks.