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(isim) Samson [mit.]
{i} Samson [mit.]
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A male given name
Any very strong man
An English surname derived from the given name
An Israelite judge in the Old Testament who performed feats of strength against the Philistines but was betrayed by Delilah his mistress
{i} male first name; very strong or powerful man; judge of ancient Israel known for his great strength (Biblical)
in the Old Testament of the Bible, a very strong man who is a great fighter. A woman called Delilah finds out that his strength comes from his long hair, and she uses her sexual power to trick Samson into having his hair cut off. This allows his enemies, the Philistines, to make him a prisoner and blind him. His strength returns when his hair grows again, and he destroys the Philistines' temple by pulling down the pillars that hold the roof up, killing himself and his enemies. Israelite warrior hero of the Old Testament Book of Judges. His mother had been told by an angel that she would bear a son whose life would be dedicated to God and whose hair must never be cut. Samson performed many powerful acts, including slaying a lion and moving the gates of Gaza. When he revealed to a Philistine woman, Delilah, that his hair was the source of his strength, she shaved his head while he was sleeping, leaving him powerless. He was blinded and enslaved by the Philistines, but later his strength was restored and he pulled down the pillars of a temple where 3,000 Philistines had gathered, killing them and himself
An English surname
a large and strong and heavyset man; "he was a bull of a man"; "a thick-skinned bruiser ready to give as good as he got"
distinguished for his great strength; hence, a man of extraordinary physical strength
An Israelite of Bible record see Judges xiii
(Old Testament) a judge of Israel who performed herculean feats of strength against the Philistines until he was betrayed to them by his mistress Delilah
Samson Raphael Hirsch
born June 20, 1808, Hamburg died Dec. 31, 1888, Frankfurt-on-Main, Ger. German Jewish scholar. He served as rabbi in Oldenburg, Emden, Nikolsburg, and Frankfurt am Main. In his Nineteen Letters of Ben Uziel (1836), he expounded his system of Neo-Orthodoxy, which helped make Orthodox Judaism viable in 19th-century Germany. He advocated blending strict schooling in the Torah with modern secular education, and he argued that Orthodox Jews should separate from the larger Jewish community in defense of their traditions. His many works include commentaries on the Pentateuch and an Orthodox textbook on Judaism
Samson and Delilah
two characters from a story in the Old Testament
the Philistines be upon thee Samson
your enemies are coming to get you (Biblical words of warning: be careful, watch out)
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    /ˈsamsən/ /ˈsæmsən/


    [ 'sam(p)-s&n ] (noun.) Hebrew שִׁמְשׁוֹן "of the sun". Small Sun or from Shemesh-On literally, Force of the Sun. Akin to Nachshon Nachash = Snake or made of copper (Nechoshet) (is this where "copper head" comes from?) the addition of on may be a diminutive form. On (force or fortitude) may be an empowering addition. * Samson is also the name of a sixth century Welsh bishop, possibly rendered from some Celtic name.

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