sales plan

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(Ticaret) satış planı
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(Ticaret) The aggregate or family-level plan used to provide the demand portion of the sales and operations planning process. It contains unit projections and the associated dollar value, and provides the target for review and corrective action if sales goals are not met
sales and operations plan
(Ticaret) (S&OP) The company-wide demand and supply plan that provides the next level of detail in fulfilling business plan objectives by describing family-level sales, production and inventory targets and incorporates the planned effects of new product or promotion introductions. It usually undergoes a monthly joint review by all departments that analyzes current status against the previous plan to provide corrective action. The proposed S&OP is used by rough cut capacity planning (RCCP) to provide the initial view of aggregate capacity requirements, and sets target production and inventory levels for the master production schedule
sales plan