süslü bas

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Türkisch - Englisch
group of instruments, including a lute or keyboard instrument and one or more sustaining bass instruments, that accompanied Baroque ensemble compositions
The bass line of music, especially for a keyboard instrument, that continues throughout a work
a bass part written out in full and accompanied by numbers to indicate the chords to be played
Basso continuo
Basso continuo, or continued bass
a continuous bass part in Baroque music with improvised harmonies by chordal instruments NAM 28 2nd Movement
A set of chords continuously underliying the melody in a piece of baroque music; the instruments playing the continuo, usually cello plus harpsichord or organ
or Figured bass, a bass line accompanied by figures which represent various chords and harmonic devices
continuos a musical part consisting of a line of low notes with figures showing the higher notes that are played with them. or basso continuo In Baroque music, a special subgroup of an instrumental ensemble. It consists of two instruments reading the same part: a bass instrument, such as a cello or bassoon, and a chordal instrument, most often a harpsichord but sometimes an organ or lute. Its appearance in the early 17th century reflected the radically new musical texture of accompanied melody that was especially typical of the new vocal genre of opera. The continuo (which has a counterpart in the bass and rhythm guitar of a rock band) came to be employed in virtually all ensemble music of the Baroque era
süslü bas