sürüyerek aşındırmak

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Türkisch - Englisch
Caused by scraping, usually with one's feet

Someone left scuff marks in the sand.

A 'moving stamp' that normally ends with a stretched foot
To mishit (a shot on a ball) due to poor contact with the ball
To walk without lifting the feet; to proceed with a scraping or dragging movement; to shuffle
A tire that has been used at least once and is saved for future racing A lap or two is enough to "scuff" it in
To scrape the feet while walking
A wearing away of the surface through abrasion or a thermo-mechanical displacement of the upper surface of the floor covering by friction from traffic bodies
a flat-soled slipper without quarter or heel strap [Compare mule]
If you scuff your feet, you pull them along the ground as you walk. Polly, bewildered and embarrassed, dropped her head and scuffed her feet. = drag
If you scuff something or if it scuffs, you mark the surface by scraping it against other things or by scraping other things against it. Constant wheelchair use will scuff almost any floor surface Molded plastic is almost indestructible, but scuffs easily. + scuffed scuffed scuffed brown shoes
Caused by scraping, usually with ones feet
a slipper that has no fitting around the heel
The back part of the neck; the scruff
the act of scuffing (scraping or dragging the feet) poke at with the foot or toe mar by scuffing; "scuffed shoes"
mar by scuffing; "scuffed shoes"
get or become scuffed; "These patent leather shoes scuffed"
walk without lifting the feet
{f} walk while dragging one's feet; scratch, cause an abrasion; become scratched or abraded
sürüyerek aşındırmak