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Englisch - Englisch
An occupational surname for a rider, cavalryman, or knight
A male given name, modern transferred use of the surname
{n} a clause added to a bill in Parliament
modern transferred use of the surname
A gold coin of Zealand [Netherlands] equal to 14 florins, about $ 5
A clause added to a document; a rider
Ryder Cup
an important golf competition held every two years, in which two teams compete, one representing Europe and the other the US. Biennial team golf event first held in 1927. It was originally played between teams of golfers from the U.S. and Britain; since 1979 players opposing the U.S. have been chosen from all of Europe. The trophy was donated by the British seed merchant Samuel Ryder
Albert Pinkham Ryder
born March 19, 1847, New Bedford, Mass., U.S. died March 28, 1917, Elmhurst, N.Y. U.S. painter. Born in a fishing port, he never lost his obsession with the sea. He settled in New York City 1870 and briefly studied painting. His highly personal seascapes, including Toilers of the Sea, reflect his feeling of human helplessness against the forces of nature. Thick yellow light (usually moonlight) heightens the mood of mystery in such paintings as The Race Track and Death on a Pale Horse. He was a strikingly imaginative painter, and though he was a solitary one, his works became well known in his lifetime