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Englisch - Türkisch
Englisch - Englisch
Right Tackle, term used in American & Canadian Football
radio telephone
right; also “right” as in Rt Hon (Right Honourable)
Ruth. route
Remote Terminal Local loop terminates at Remote Terminal intermediate points closer to the service user to improve service reliability
A symbol used in a thesaurus to indicate that the following terms are related terms to the heading term
Remote Terminal
Radio Telephony - The means of communication between ATC and pilots Used to indicate the means (You can use datalink instead of RT) as well as the language and protocol (How's your RT? I haven't used mine in ages) See also the Introduction to Radio Telephony
Rehabilitation Teaching
Rail transit
road tar
Reforestation of Timberlands
Recreation Therapy A professional therapeutic process which utilizes recreation services for purposive intervention in some physical emotional, and/or social behavior to bring about a desired change in that behavior and to promote the growth and development of the individual
Rapporteur's Advisory and Support Team
Route Target A 64-bit value by which the IOS discriminates routes for route updates in VRFs
Standard Reuter Terminal for quote display
Respiratory Therapy - (See RC - Respiratory Care )
Rotating annular reactor (RotoTorque)
Massey-Harris designation for Row-crop, twin front wheel
CRS Round trip
Abbreviation for room temperature Measurements of titanium products properties are done at room temperature and some at specific elevated temperatures RT is used to identify a measurement taking place at room temperature
Remote Terminal: What the programmer considers his spouse
Round Trip
This symbol is used in petrophysical calculations to represent the true electrical resistivity of a formation
Real Time timing
Remote Terminal The local loop can be terminated at RT RTs are intermediate points closer to the customer premises to improve service reliability
Rapporteur Team See rapporteur advisory and support team