rotary engines

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rotary engine
dönel devimli motor
rotary engine
(Otomotiv) wankel motoru
rotary engine
döner motor
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plural form of rotary engine
rotary engine
any of several types of internal combustion engine in which the power output is directly rotational
rotary engine
an internal-combustion engine in which power is transmitted directly to rotating components
rotary engine
internal combustion engine in which rotation is conveyed straight to rotating parts
rotary engine
An engine, such as a turbine, in which power is supplied directly to vanes or other rotary parts. Internal-combustion engine in which the combustion chambers and cylinders rotate with the driven shaft around a fixed control shaft to which pistons are attached. The gas pressures of combustion are used to rotate the shaft. In the Wankel engine, the most fully developed and widely used rotary engine, a triangular rotor rotates with an orbital motion in a specially shaped casing, and forms rotating crescent-shaped combustion chambers between its sides and the curved wall of the casing
rotary engines


    ro·ta·ry engines

    Türkische aussprache

    rōtıri encınz


    /ˈrōtərē ˈenʤənz/ /ˈroʊtɜriː ˈɛnʤənz/

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