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rock and roll
(Muzik) Rock and Roll (rock 'n' roll olarak da anılır) 1950lerin Amerika'sında ortaya çıkmış bir müzik türüdür. Bu tarihten sonra hızla ilk önce tüm ülkeye, ardından da tüm dünyaya yayılmıştır. Bu müzik türü, daha sonra sadece rock olarak adlandırılıcak müzik türlerine bölünmüştür. Rock and roll ve daha sonra aldığı haller, 1950lerden 1990ların ortasına kadar en çok dinlenen müzik türlerindendir. Genellikle elektro gitar, baş gitar ve bateri eşliğinde çalınan müziğe bazen piyano ve org da eşlik eder. Gitar tarafından değiştirilmeden önce, saksafon bu türde en çok kullanılan müzik aletiydi

Rock and roll sever misin? - Do you like rock and roll?

Rock and roll'ı severim. - I like rock and roll.

(Muzik) rock and roll tarzı müzik
famous swedish rock and roll band
İsveçli ünlü rock and roll grubu
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To play [[#Noun|rock and roll]] music
Style of music characterized by a basic drum-beat, generally 4/4 riffs, based on (usually electric) guitar, drums, and vocals (generally with bass guitar). Generally used to refer to the 1950’s rock, and rock of its style, quite close to swing
To start, commence, begin, get moving

Does everyone know what car they're going in? Then let's rock and roll!.

An intangible feeling, philosophy, belief or allegiance relating to rock music (generally from the 1970s–1980s), and heavy metal bearing certain elements of this music, pertaining to unbridled enthusiasm, cynical regard for certain Christian and authoritarian bodies, and attitudes befitting some degree of youthful debauchery. This meaning is sometimes used as an exclamation, in describing traits of certain people, and so on
Style of vigorous dancing associated with this 1950’s music
To have sex
a genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of Black rhythm-and-blues with White country-and-western; "rock is a generic term for the range of styles that evolved out of rock'n'roll "
This form of music appealed to American youth during the 1950s It was an original product of a heterogeneous American society in that it combined black rhythm and blues with white country music Its acceptance and success reflected the demographic changes that had occurred since 1940
Popular music that was born from jazz and the blues It has a strong beat and a melody that repeats often
A lip trick where the athlete rides up a wall, balances on the lip with the board perpendicular to the coping, and re-enters the pipe without any rotation
Rock and roll is a kind of popular music developed in the 1950s which has a strong beat and is played on electrical instruments. Elvis Presley -- the King of Rock and Roll. rock 'n' roll
strong rhythmic popular music that evolved from jazz and the blues
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rock and roll
rock and roll tarzı müzik
(Muzik) rock and roll
rock and roll
rock and roll

    Türkische aussprache

    räk ınd rōl


    /ˈräk ənd ˈrōl/ /ˈrɑːk ənd ˈroʊl/


    [ 'räk ] (verb.) 12th century. As a name for a specific style of music, from c.1954. Originally a verb phrase common among Black speakers of English, meaning "have sexual intercourse"; it was a euphemism with a hidden meaning that appeared in song titles and dance styles since the early 1930’s.


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