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(Osmanlı Dönemi) f. Kalender. Aldırışsız, dünya işlerini hoş gören
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Laübali meşreb feylesof
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Bâtını irfan ile müzeyyen olduğu halde zâhiri sâde görünen hakîm. Dış görünüşü laübali olduğu halde, aslında kâmil olan kimse
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A hard, tough outer layer, particularly on food such as fruit, cheese, etc
The gall, the crust, the insolence; often as "the immortal rind"

Come the second half and the Trinidadians and Tobagans had the immortal rind to make excursions into the England half, the spectacle of which was deeply offensive to those whose memories extend to those happy days before 1962, when independence was unwisely conferred on this archipelago. Back in those days, a game like this would have presented little anxiety. Any goals scored by the Trinidadians, or Tobagans for that matter, would have been instantly become the property of the Crown and therefore added to England's tally. Glad times – 22 men working together for a common aim. However, such is the insolence of the modern age that these dark fellows dared approach the England penalty box, forelocks untugged, as if demanding instant entry to the Garrick club without having been put up by existing members.

An iron support fitting used on the upper millstone of a grist mill
The bark of a tree
{n} bark, a husk
{v} to bark, skin, husk
the tissue forming the hard outer layer (of e g a fruit)
The rind of cheese or bacon is the hard outer edge which you do not usually eat. Discard the bacon rind and cut each rasher in half. A tough outer covering such as bark, the skin of some fruits, or the coating on cheese or bacon
the natural outer covering of food (usually removed before eating)
The external covering or coat, as of flesh, fruit, trees, etc
The deeply patinated or weathered surface of a nodule or other piece of stone, flint, chert or other material
The tough outer peel of a food
The protective external surface of a cheese Rinds can be natural or artificially created, thick or thin, hard or soft, washed, oiled, brushed or paraffined Their prime role is to protect the cheese's interior and allow it to ripen and develop harmoniously Their presence affects the final flavour of the interior of the cheese
Reversible Ischaemic Neurological Deficit [Quick find]
skin; hide; bark; peel; shell
{i} peel, thick skin or coating on some varieties of fruit cheese and meat
To remove the rind of; to bark
The rind of a fruit such as a lemon or orange is its thick outer skin. grated lemon rind
bacon rind
The tough out skin of pork or bacon
pork rind
a snack food made from cured pork skin, pork scratchings
pork rind
The rind of pork meat
bacon rind
(Slang used in London Cockney) blind
bacon rind
the rind of bacon
cheese rind
the rind of a cheese
lemon rind
lemon peel: the rind of a lemon
plural of rind
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Definition von rind im Türkisch Englisch wörterbuch

cheese rind peynir kabuğu

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    /ˈrīnd/ /ˈraɪnd/


    [ 'rInd, dial 'rIn ] (noun.) before 12th century. Old English rinde

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