right side

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graphical output of one of the three characterizations chosen from the graph type menu above the graph The unit of the time axis for the magnetization and the autocorrelation plots is t0, the characteristic time for the relaxation of a spin to its local field The unit of frequency for the power spectrum is 1/t0 The magnetization is normalized to the saturation magnetization (hence maximum value of unity) The power spectrum is normalized such that its integral (over positive frequencies only) is one half of the mean square deviation of the magnetization The autocorrelation function evaluated at tau=0 equals the mean square deviation of the magnetization
starboard side, side located opposite to the left side, side located on the right
(noun) more favorable placement of declarer (compared to the opposite side of the table)
on the right side
on the correct side; on the right hand side
on the right side of the fence
on the winning side, on the side that is victorious
of fabric or clothing
of objects having a top and bottom
right side

    Türkische aussprache

    rayt sayd


    /ˈrīt ˈsīd/ /ˈraɪt ˈsaɪd/


    ... So we try to be on the right side of all those things. ...

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