right of first refusal

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(Finans) İptidai itiraz hakkı, İlk itiraz hakkı
Englisch - Englisch
A provision in a contract that permits a party to that contract or another named party to have an opportunity to purchase, use, or otherwise obtain a specified object before it is offered to any other party

Well, said the publisher, does our last contract with whoever it is that represents Shar give us the right of first refusal on his next book?.

(Finans) Right of first refusal (ROFR or RFR) is a contractual right that gives its holder the option to enter a business transaction with the owner of something, according to specified terms, before the owner is entitled to enter into that transaction with a third party. In brief, the right of first refusal is similar in concept to a call option
(Finans) ROFR
(Finans) RFR
right of first refusal


    right of first re·fus·al

    Türkische aussprache

    rayt ıv fırst rıfyuzıl


    /ˈrīt əv ˈfərst rəˈfyo͞ozəl/ /ˈraɪt əv ˈfɜrst rəˈfjuːzəl/


    [ 'rIt ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English riht; akin to Old High German reht right, Latin rectus straight, right, regere to lead straight, direct, rule, rogare to ask, Greek oregein to stretch out.

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