rica ederim

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Türkisch - Englisch
don't mention it
beg of you
if you please
you're welcome
not at all, you're welcome, don't mention it, think nothing of it
not at all
think nothing of it
you are welcome
1. Not at all!/Don't mention it! (said in reply to an expression of thanks). 2. Please don't say such a thing!/Please! (said when someone either criticizes himself/herself or praises you)
rica et
rica et
{f} solicited
rica et
ask for

Did you ask for money? - Para için rica ettin mi?

I would like to ask for your support. - Desteğinizi rica etmek isterim.

rica et

I asked the solicitor to make out my will. - Avukattan vasiyetimi yazmasını rica ettim.

rica et
{f} petition
rica et
{f} pleading
rica et
rica ederim