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Extending in scope, effect, application or influence to a prior time or to prior conditions
operative on, affecting, or having reference to past events, transactions, responsibilities
{a} affecting what is past, retrospective
Fitted or designed to retroact; operating by returned action; affecting what is past; retrospective
If a decision or action is retroactive, it is intended to take effect from a date in the past. There are few precedents for this sort of retroactive legislation. = retrospective + retroactively retro·ac·tive·ly It isn't yet clear whether the new law can actually be applied retroactively. = retrospectively. a law or decision that is retroactive is effective from a particular date in the past = retrospective
{s} taking effect on a past date
affecting things past; "retroactive tax increase"; "an ex-post-facto law"; "retro pay"
descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on the effects of events or stimuli or process that occurred previously
retroactive law
any law that makes a prior legal act illegal, or increases the penalty for a prior illegal act
retroactive legislation
laws which go into effect at an earlier date
ex post facto
Done after the fact; applying to events that have previously transpired

The new legislature passed a resolution retroactively legalizing the actions of the revolutionaries that brought them to power.

The state or characteristic of being retroactive
after the fact; "he will get paid retroactively
after the fact; "he will get paid retroactively"
in the manner of taking effect on a past date
In a retroactive manner
{i} state of being retroactive, state of being effective since a past date
The application of a law to events that took place before it was made