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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} bulup getirme
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) bilgi çıkarma
geri kazanım
geri alma
düzeltme/geri alma
{i} tekrar ele geçirme, kurtarma
{i} yeniden alma
{i} yeniden düzeltme
{i} telafi etme
{i} yeniden kazanma
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) bilgi çekme
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) bilgi bulma
(Tıp) retrieval
retrieval system
(Çevre) geri alma sistemi
retrieval code
erişim kodu
retrieval language
alımı dil
retrieval cues
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) geri alma ipuçları
retrieval process
(Bilgisayar) kendine aktarma işlemi
retrieval strategy
geri alım stratejisi
retrieval time
(Bilgisayar) alınma saati
record retrieval
kayıt alımı
reference retrieval
referans alma
document retrieval
belge erişimi
information retrieval
bilgi erişimi
information retrieval system
bilgi elde etme sistemi
information retrieval technique
bilgi elde etme tekniği
automated storage and retrieval system
otomatik depolama ve çekme sistemi
fact retrieval
Aslında alımı
fact retrieval system
Aslında erişim sistemi
full text retrieval
tam metin erişim
information retrieval techniques
bilgi elde etme teknikleri
off line retrieval
hat alımı kapalı
textual retrieval
metinsel alımı
Department of Defense (DOD) Emergency Authorities Retrieval and Analysis System
(Askeri) Savunma Bakanlığı Acil Durumlar Makamı Bulup Getirme ve Analiz Sistemi
document retrieval
Belge Edinimi
document retrieval
Belge alma
general retrieval and sort processor
(Askeri) genel arama ve sıralama işlemcisi
special operations debrief and retrieval system
(Askeri) özel harekat geri bilgilendirme ve tespit sistemi
Englisch - Englisch
the cognitive process of bringing stored information into consciousness
the act of retrieving or something retrieved
the operation of accessing data, either from memory or from a storage device
(computer science) the operation of accessing information from the computer's memory
Recovery of data stored in a computer system
The process of locating and copying back files and directories that Backup has archived
The activity of finding and making available records or record information to the creating administrative units or other researchers Retrieval is a part of the reference service provided by the staff of the University Archives
the cognitive operation of accessing information in memory; "my retrieval of people's names is very poor" (computer science) the operation of accessing information from the computer's memory
The capability of referring to permanent terms other than by identifiers or path references
A retrieval is a request for information that has been issued by an acquirer because a card issuer has disputed a transaction that has been entered into with one of their cardholders It is not a chargeback as no money has been debited
The act retrieving
the act of regaining or saving something lost (or in danger of becoming lost)
The process of getting access to memories (Anderson)
The retrieval of information from a computer is the process of getting it back. electronic storage and retrieval systems
The process of bringing material out of long term memory and into consciousness
The act of bringing to mind material that has been stored in memory
the cognitive operation of accessing information in memory; "my retrieval of people's names is very poor"
The process in which an individual searches through long-term memory to identify within it the information to be recalled
{i} act of retrieving; act of bringing back, restoration; act of finding information and sending it to the user as output (Computers)
The process of locating and withdrawing a document from where it is stored The GMU Records Center provides retrieval services
Recovering physical input from storage
process by which information is accessed or recalled from memory storage process by which information is accessed or recalled from memory storage
The ability to retrieve information that has been stored in long-term memory
The search for, and presentation of, archival material in response to a specific user request
The retrieval of something is the process of getting it back from a particular place, especially from a place where it should not be. Its real purpose is the launching and retrieval of small aeroplanes in flight. = recovery
retrieval engine
A search engine
document retrieval
The matching of a user query against a set of free-text records, including unstructured text, such as newspaper articles, real estate records or paragraphs in a manual, with user queries ranging from multi-sentence full descriptions of an information need to a few words
information retrieval
The science of searching for information in documents, searching for documents themselves, searching for metadata which describe documents, or searching within databases, whether relational stand-alone databases or hypertextually-networked databases such as the World Wide Web
text retrieval
Document retrieval
automated storage/retrieval system
(Ticaret) (AS/RS) A system that uses automatic machines and controls to locate, transport, store and retrieve materials as directed by order requirements
bibliographic retrieval service
service which retrieves book titles according to user requests
data retrieval
recall of data, choosing of records according to criteria
document retrieval
locating and recovering documents
information retrieval
the process of finding stored information, especially on a computer. Recovery of information, especially in a database stored in a computer. Two main approaches are matching words in the query against the database index (keyword searching) and traversing the database using hypertext or hypermedia links. Keyword searching has been the dominant approach to text retrieval since the early 1960s; hypertext has so far been confined largely to personal or corporate information-retrieval applications. Evolving information-retrieval techniques, exemplified by developments with modern Internet search engines, combine natural language, hyperlinks, and keyword searching. Other techniques that seek higher levels of retrieval precision are studied by researchers involved with artificial intelligence
information retrieval
systematic recovery of data from the memory bank of a computer
medical literature analysis and retrieval system
relational database of the United States National Library of Medicine for the storage and retrieval of bibliographical information concerning the biomedical literature
plural of retrieval
Türkisch - Englisch
(Tıp) retrieval



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