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To trace again; to go back over something, usually in an attempt of rediscovery

He retraced his steps, and found his keys where he had dropped them.

The period when the beam of the cathode-ray tube returns to its initial horizontal position in order to start the next line of the display
to follow backward or toward the place of beginning, as a track or marking
{v} to trace back, to trace over again
{f} go back over, trace backward; go over again in one's mind
to go back over again; "we retraced the route we took last summer"; "trace your path"
reassemble mentally; "reconstruct the events of 20 years ago"
To trace back, as a line
To go back, in or over (a previous course); to go over again in a reverse direction; as, to retrace one's steps; to retrace one's proceedings
If you retrace your steps or retrace your way, you return to the place you started from by going back along the same route. He retraced his steps to the spot where he'd left the case
To trace over again, or renew the outline of, as a drawing; to draw again
retrace the steps of
follow after; reconstruct the steps of
past of retrace
third-person singular of retrace
present participle of retrace