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(Tıp) tekrar emilim
(Diş Hekimliği) erime
Englisch - Englisch
The act of resorbing
The loss and reassimilation of bone (or other) material
Physiologic or pathologic removal of hard tissue (bone or root) by the activity of osteoclasts Syn; osteoclasis
the organic process in which the substance of some differentiated structure that has been produced by the body undergoes lysis and assimilation
The breakdown and assimilation of the bone that supports the tooth, i e , bone loss
The loss of substance (in this case, bone) through physiological or pathological means
the change in the physical structure of a crystal from the diamond form to a graphite form of carbon
The redissolving wholly or in part, in the molten magma of an igneous rock, of crystals previously formed
{i} process of absorbing again, process of soaking up again
Loss of substance or bone
The dissolved material may again solidify, giving rise to a mass of small crystals, usually of a different kind
The act of resorbing; also, the act of absorbing again; reabsorption
The breakdown and assimilation of bone through the action of osteoclasts
The removal of bone tissue by normal physiological process or as part of a pathological process such as an infection
Resorption is the act of removal by physiological absorption
Of, pertaining to, or caused by resorption
alveolar resorption
wasting of the bony socket
{s} able to absorb again, able to soak up again





    [ (")rE-'sorp-sh&n, -'zorp- ] (noun.) circa 1820. Latin resorbEre.

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