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Englisch - Türkisch
yeniden baskı
(kitap) yeniden basmak
yeni baskı
yeniden baş
{f} yeniden basmak

Bu yazıyı yeniden basmak mümkün mü? - Is it possible to reprint this article?

{f} yeni baskısını yapmak
(Askeri) TEKRAR BASKI: Bir haritanın daha önceki baskısının aynen kopya edilmesi şeklinde veya mahdut düzeltmelerle yeniden basılması
{f} tekrar basmak
(isim) yeni baskı
(Ticaret) tekrar basım
(Askeri) tekrar baskı
Türkisch - Türkisch
Eş baskı
Englisch - Englisch
A book, pamphlet or other printed matter that has been published once before but is now being released again

The reprint is much less expensive than a first edition.

To publish something that has been published before
{v} to print a new or fresh edition
If a book is reprinted, further copies of it are printed when all the other ones have been sold. It remained an exceptionally rare book until it was reprinted in 1918
A reprint of an item of legislation is a reproduction of the legislation prepared by OQPC under the Reprints Act 1992 (See 7 11 for more detail ) Retrospective operation Legislation has retrospective operation if, once it is made, it can at law be said that it took effect at a point in time before the time it was made
a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication
Special repeat printing of an individual article or advertisement from a publication
Corrected copy of a Bill which shows the changes in a Bill which are ofan editorial nature Corrected reprints have the same Bill number as theoriginal (See also Redraft)
{i} additional print, newly-printed copy of an earlier publication
A term used in the publishing industry to indicate a new printing of a book
To print again, from standing negatives, with or without corrections; also called Rerun to top
A second or a new impression or edition of any printed work; specifically, the publication in one country of a work previously published in another
An ad which is printed and then sent to a magazine for insertion Also refers to a reprint of ads supplied by the publication before the publication is issued
Any printing of work subsequent to the first print
print anew; "They never reprinted the famous treatise
A reprint is a new copy of a book or article, printed because all the other ones have been sold or because minor changes have been made to the original. a reprint of a 1962 novel. to print a book, story, newspaper article etc again
a second or subsequent printing of a title with minimal alteration to the text
A stamp printed from the original plate, after the issue has ceased to be postally valid Official reprints are sometimes made for presentation purposes or official collections They are often distinguishable in some way from the originals: different colors, perforations, paper or gum Private reprints, on the other hand, are usually produced strictly for sale to collectors and often closely resemble the original stamps Private reprints normally sell for less than original copies Reprints are not valid for postage See also Reissue
1 A new printing of an item made from the original type image, commonly by photographic methods The reprint may reproduce the original exactly (an impression or it may contain minor but well-defined variations (an issue) 2 A new publication of an edition with substantially unchanged text
Printed from the original plate, possibly by an unauth-orized party In philately, a stamp which is no longer valid for postage, officially reprinted for presentation purposes, official collec-tions, etc, often distinguished in some way from the original
A new impression or a second or subsequent edition of a printed work Also, the publication in one country of a work previously published in another
a publication (such as a book) that is reprinted without changes or editing and offered again for sale
A further printing of a book or perhaps brochure or leaflet without substantial revision See BOOK
{f} print again, make another copy of printed material
To print again; to print a second or a new edition of
To print a book again using the original materials, or to print a book in another version, such as the paperback version of a previously published hardcover book
A reprint is a process in which new copies of a book or article are printed because all the other ones have been sold. Demand picked up and a reprint was required last November
Act or Regulation that has had all amendments consolidated with the principal
A stamp reprinted from the original plates after an issue has been discontinued Some countries have also made "official reprints" from new plates Quite often the colours in the reprints are different
A new printing of a book Can also be an edition in cheaper form than the original, e g , paperback editions which follow hard cover editions
To renew the impression of
print anew; "They never reprinted the famous treatise"
Printed again, especially in a different format
Simple past tense and past participle of reprint
{i} person or thing that prints again
One who reprints
present participle of reprint
{i} act of printing again, act of creating another copy of printed material
Articles for which negatives are relaid so the articles are produced in booklet form The quantities for a number of different booklets on an order do not have to be the same See also: Offprints to top
Printed from the original plates after the stamps had ceased to be current
previously published articles
Works you've managed to sell twice or more In most instances, the rights to a published work will revert back to you within several years, whereupon you can attempt to publish it again If you do this, make sure the editors to whom you submit it know that it was published before, and where and when it was published Some publications don't accept reprints, but many do
plural of reprint
third-person singular of reprint