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an action to recover personal property unlawfully taken; the writ or procedure of such action
to replevy
{n} a writ to recover possession of a distress, the suit or action
A personal action brought to recover possession of goods unlawfully taken
A lawsuit in which the plaintiff says the defendent has property belonging to the plaintiff, and the plaintiff wants the property returned Contrasts with trover (q v )
An action to recover the possession of personal property taken or withheld from the owner unlawfully
Seeking recovery of a possession wrongfully taken
An action of a law used to recover specific personal property
Originally, it was a remedy peculiar to cases for wrongful distress, but it may generally now be brought in all cases of wrongful taking or detention
The writ by which goods and chattels are replevied
A legal proceeding in court to seize property (other than real estate) given as security for a debt that is in default
A personal action which lies to recover possession of goods and chattle wrongfully taken or detained
{i} order demanding the release of confiscated property (Law)
An action for the recovery of a possession that has been wrongfully taken
A proceeding employed by a party to regain possession of personal property which was illegally taken from him





    [ ri-'ple-v&n ] (noun.) 15th century. Anglo-Norman, from Old French replevir ‘recover’, from re- + plevir (apparently from a Germanic word which was also the source of English pledge).

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