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Particularly significant or positive
red-letter day
Alternative form of red letter day
red-letter days
plural form of red-letter day
red-letter day
a memorably happy or noteworthy day
red-letter day
A red-letter day is a day that you will always remember because something good happens to you then. a day that you will always remember because something special happened that made you very happy
red letter day
A particularly significant day (personal or sectarian), usually very positive, sometimes very negative

In the meantime, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre at Chicago was a red-letter day in the gangster wars..

red letter law
A law that is a large scale attempt by a government to regulate business in the interest of society at large
red letter
of special importance; significant; memorable; marked by red letters
red letter
No  Concordance: No 
red letter
No  Concordance: Yes 
red letter day
very special day, special occasion, auspicious day, day that is worthy of notice; important day that will always be remembered; day in a diary of a woman which is marked with a secret mark to indicate the start of her menstrual period
Of or pertaining to a red letter; marked by red letters





    [ 'red-"le-t&r ] (adjective.) 1704. from the practice of marking holy days in red letters in church calendars.

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