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Abbreviation of progressive
A program

I've had all kinds of different anti-virus progs on my comp.

{n} victuals, provisions of any kind
{v} to rob, steal, shift for provision
Victuals got by begging, or vagrancy; victuals of any kind; food; supplies
Food (connected with prod, and perhaps prov [ender]) Burke says, “You are the lion, and I have been endeavouring to prog [procure food] for you ” “So saying, with a smile she left the rogue To weave more lines of death, and plan for prog ” Dr Wolcot: Spider and Fly Progn'e or Prokne The swallow (See Nightingale ) “As Progne or as Philomela mourns That finds the nest by cruel hands dispoiled; So Bradamant laments her absent knight ” Orlando Furioso, book xxiii Progress To report progress, in parliamentary language, is to conclude for the night the business of a bill, and defer the consideration of all subsequent items thereof till the day nominated by the chief Minister of the Crown
A goal; progue

What is your favorite TV program? - What's your favorite TV program?

What's your favorite TV program? - What is your favorite TV program?

general term for food
A vagrant beggar; a tramp
To steal; to rob; to filch
Model forecasted output
To wander about and beg; to seek food or other supplies by low arts; to seek for advantage by mean shift or tricks
To prick; to goad; to progue
{f} search about for food or treasure, forage
Short for "Program" in 01 terminology
prog rock
progressive rock
To prog
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hizmet prog
(Bilgisayar) utility