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Englisch - Türkisch
Yeni gösterime girecek bir film ya da tiyatro oyununun ilk temsili
Sahneye konulan oyunun ilk temsili, ilk gösteri
{i} gala

Bu gecenin galası için büyük bir izleyici garanti ediyorum. - I guarantee a huge audience for tonight's premiere.

bir piyesin ilk defa olarak oynanması
{f} galasını yapmak
(fiil) galasını yapmak
{i} baş kadın oyuncu (opera)
{i} baş balerin
{i} primadonna

Bu gecenin galası için büyük bir izleyici garanti ediyorum. - I guarantee a huge audience for tonight's premiere.

premiere performance
premiere night
gala gecesi
premiere of
world premiere
(Sinema) dünyada ilk gösterim
world premiere
(Sinema) dünyada ilk oynatım
Englisch - Englisch
Of a film or play, to play for the first time

The new film premieres this weekend.

To present a film or play for the first time

The local theatre will premiere its latest play this week.

The first showing of a film, play or other form of entertainment, often held as a special event with celebrity guests
be performed for the first time; "We premiered the opera of the young composer and it was a critical success"
A widely-used digital video editing program developed by Adobe See also: Adobe Premiere homepage
perform a work for the first time
First performance
preceding all others in time; "the premiere showing"
{i} first performance of a play (or show, movie, etc.); first presentation
the first public performance of a play or movie
Hallmark store event featuring the "unveiling" of the current year's ornament line The event usually includes a Premiere Exclusive - a piece available to purchase during Premiere only (Depending upon how many the stores order you can usually purchase these pieces after Premiere as well ) In recent years, KOCC members have been given free gifts during Premiere
When a film or show premieres or is premiered, it is shown to an audience for the first time. The documentary premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival The opera is due to be premiered by ENO next year. the first public performance of a film, play, or piece of music (feminine form of premier; PREMIER)
The premiere of a new play or film is the first public performance of it. A new Czechoslovak film has had its premiere at the Karlovy Vary film festival
{f} appear in a first performance; appear in a first presentation
Alternative spelling of premiere
premiere danseuse
Most common English spelling of première danseuse
première danseuse
The lead female dancer in a ballet

in 1935 she joined the company formed by Leon Woizikowski, touring Germany, France and Spain, and became première danseuse of the Metropolitan Opera Company, New York.

premiere concert
first concert, debut musical performance
plural of premiere
third-person singular of premiere
world premiere
(music) the first public performance (as of a dramatic or musical work) anywhere in the world
world premiere
first public presentation around the world