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Englisch - Türkisch
(Askeri) kişisel koruyucu teçhizat (personal protective equipment)
Englisch - Englisch
Personal Protective Equipment
Philosophy, Politics, Economics-Academic degree (UK)
Premodulation Processor Equipment
Photo Print Electronic
Phase Partitioning Experiment ("NASA Acronym List")
Protective wearing apparel, when used properly, designed to reduce or eliminate injuries to a worker
Personal Protective Equipment required (exc RPE)
Post Project Evaluation
Personal Protective Equipment Clothing and equipment, such as full-face respirators, plastic coveralls, and gloves, used to minimize contaminant inhalation, ingestion, and/or contact with undesirable materials
(See personal protective equipment )
Personal Protective Equipment used at work (eg hard hat, safety boots, respirator, gloves, etc )
Philosophy, Politics & Economics degree
Personal protective equipment used to prevent worker exposure to silica This includes respirators, hoods, gloves, goggles, etc
Personal protective equipment Devices or clothing worn to help insulate a worker from direct exposure to hazardous materials Examples include gloves and respirators