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A communal meal where guests bring dishes to share, a potluck
A ceremony amongst certain Native American peoples of the Pacific northwest in which gifts are bestowed upon guests and personal property is destroyed in a show of wealth and generosity
Hence, a feast given to a large number of persons, often accompanied by gifts
Competitive feast among Indians on the North Pacific Coast of North America
A ceremonial feast held by Indians of the Northwest Pacific Coast marked by the host's lavish distribution of gifts
Ceremonial distribution of property and gifts practiced among the American Indians of the Northwest Pacific coast, particularly the Kwakiutl. A potlatch is given by an heir or successor to assert and validate his newly assumed social position. Ceremonial formalities are observed in inviting guests, in speech making, and in distributing goods according to the social rank of the recipients. Great feasts and generous hospitality accompany the potlatch. The ceremony has been much studied by anthropologists for the light it sheds on the nature of property, wealth, prestige, and social status. See also gift exchange
{i} Native American festival which includes exchanging of gifts; festival, celebration
Word from the Chinook language meaning "to give" A Potlatch was a ceremonial feast of North West Coast tribes at which the host distributed his possessions as gifts to his guests The gifts were of a wide variety and could be material things like blankets and furniture, but also food The host giving a Potlatch won high prestige among his people Potlatches were organized to celebrate birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, and funerals These feasts, which could last several days, provided an opportunity to sing, dance, pray, and hold ceremonies Potlatches were forbidden by both the U S and Canadian governments from 1887-1951, since they were considered to be a way by which tribes deprived themselves and became impoverished
Among the Kwakiutl, Chimmesyan, and other Indians of the northwestern coast of North America, a ceremonial distribution by a man of gifts to his own and neighboring tribesmen, often, formerly, to his own impoverishment
Feasting, dancing, and public ceremonies accompany it



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    /ˈpätˌlaʧ/ /ˈpɑːtˌlæʧ/


    [ 'pät-"lach ] (noun.) circa 1861. From Chinook Jargon potlatch (“gift”), from Nootka p̓ačiƛ (“to give in ceremony”).

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